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2020 Key Dates

Wreath Assembly Instructions

A Scout is Thrifty. this year, the Troop has made changes to make it easier for you to sell and collect payment. Half of the sale goes to your account. If you sell $900, you’ll meet your financial obligation to the troop.

New Website App. We are online ordering via a secure website, https://troop-179-wreath-sales.company.site/. You can access the site from your computer, tablet or phone. Enter the orders or have your customers do it directly. Just remember to include your name as the seller. 

No More Pink Sheets. We are no longer collecting paper order forms. All orders go in the app. We will email them to you as they come in. But, still keep track of your orders for your records. 

Simpler Ordering. We’ve renamed wreaths. They are now small, medium, large and x-large. We updated the dimensions to more accurately reflect their true size, but they are the same size wreaths. Dimensions are in the app descriptions.

Updated prices. The pandemic has forced us to update our prices.

  • Small Wreath, 24-inches (12-inch ring) $27
  • Medium Wreath, 28-inches (18-inch ring) $37
  • Large Wreath, 30-inches (24-inch ring) $53
  • X-Large Wreath, 36-inches (30-inch ring) $70
  • Ultimate Wreath, 84-inches (72-inch ring) $325
  • Wreath Stands, 36-inches tall $6
  • Cedar Rope, 25 feet $30 | 50 feet $60

Important Dates.

  • Nov. 4: Last day to enter orders.
  • Nov. 20: Wreath pick up by the troop.
  • Nov. 21: 9-noon Wreath and wreath kit distribution day at First Presbyterian Church.
  • Dec. 1, Jan. 5: Cash/check turn-in at First Presbyterian Church.

More Information.

Our wreath committee like everything else in 179 is 100% volunteer help to make it happen for the Scouts. Our Wreath Chair is Frank Witsil and can be reached at fwitsil@freepress.com. We ask that each New Scout family make a plan on helping out with the sale (the families of many scouts help year-after-year). Help that is needed:

  • Order Taking (Tuesdays; October through Mid-November)
  • Kit Building (Saturday, 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving)
  • Greens Pickup (Friday, prior to Thanksgiving)
  • Distribution Day (Saturday, prior to Thanksgiving)
  • Payment Processing (Tuesdays; Mid-November through Mid-December)
  • Wreath Fulfillment Trailer (Tuesdays; Mid-November through Mid-December)

Getting involved in working the wreath sale is a great opportunity to get to know the other Scouts and their families with a short-term commitment.

Raising funds through selling wreaths helps the Scout to pay their own way. Money earned from the wreath sale receives a 50% commission that goes directly to the Scout’s account and can be used to pay the Annual Dues, Monthly Activity Fees, Special Event Activity Fees, and the Annual Membership Fees. A Scout that sells $1,000.00 worth of wreaths is putting $500.00 toward the cost of Scouting. Our bestselling wreath, the 12” (24” outside diameter) wreath is $25. Sell only 40 of these wreaths and you add $500.00 into your account eliminating the big Annual Membership Fee due in January!

People who typically buy wreaths are family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and others in the community. Think also out of the box, Home Owner Associations, Businesses, Churches, and Other Public Buildings often purchase and hang wreaths during the holidays. Keep in mind that Selling Wreaths is “Less about selling wreaths and more about Supporting Scouting.” Be sure to ask “Would You Like to Support my Scouting?” Customers are supporting your Scout’s activities. Scouts should talk about places you’ve gone and things you’ve done because of Scouting. We provide customers with a high-quality wreath, similar to that sold at florists. Some people would rather give the Scout a cash donation instead of purchasing a wreath. 100% of these donations are applied directly to the Scout’s Account.

Download Forms and Information.

  • Kit Boxes This is a description of the Bows and Cones that go with each wreath size.
  • Wreath Information Letter A document that describes how the wreath sale works
  • Wreath Program Order Form This is the Wreath Order Form is to help you with door to door sales and keeping track of your orders. Once filled in you should enter the orders on the online order site.
  • Wreath Sale Brochure A brochure to print and give to prospective wreath customers
  • Salesmanship Merit Badge Info While you're selling wreaths or popcorn you might as well earn the Salesmanship Merit Badge for your effort. This form gives course description, dates, and times.
  • Wreath Tax Receipt Give this receipt to customers looking to use the sale as a tax deduction.

Order Online: https://troop-179-wreath-sales.company.site/

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Chuck Williams

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